Bullying and Suicide

Research has shown that being a victim, perpetrator, or even a witness to bullying is associated with multiple behavioral, emotional, and social problems, including an increased risk for suicidal thoughts and actions. In a recent survey in Ireland bullying was identified as being a more common factor in suicdal behaviour than expected (All Ireland Suicide Survey) There are many people who can help deal with a bully, such as friends, older siblings, teachers, family members, community leaders or parents. It is always easier if you talk to someone you know and trust. Ask a friend to go with you to help you feel more comfortable or write down what is going on and how you are feeling. If you think the person you are talking to doesn’t believe you or isn’t taking you seriously, it is important to remember that this doesn’t mean your feelings aren’t valid or that you are overreacting. It is important that you tell someone else and continue to do so until you get the help you deserve. [HELPLINES]