Characteristics of an 'Active Listener'

"Active Listening" is simply the offering of friendship by one ordinary human being to another at a time of crisis or loneliness. An Active Listener has no professional status or authority, but is simply a fellow human being who cares. The purpose of Active Listening is to listen, accept, care and empathize.

Allowing the person with a problem to express and to talk without being judged.

Allowing the person to stay in neutral and accept feelings as they are.

Allowing one human being to reach out to another human being with respect.

Allowing the listener to hear where the speaker is coming from and allows us to be sensitive to another's feelings or ideas even when we don’t agree.

The purpose of Active Listening is not to give advice, instruct, solve problems, or judge. It is to respect the worth and value of another human being through Listening, Accepting, Caring, and Empathising.