Crisis Information

If you are concerned about yourself, friends or family get immediate support and information 24/7
FreeText HELP to 50015
Texting 50015 is free of charge from any network and you can text this number even if you have no credit. This service is fully confidential and YSPI has no information on mobile numbers that use the FreeText service.

For information on:

    Emergency Contacts
    National Helplines
    Local Support Groups
    Directions to your nearest GP or out of hours clinic
    Directions to your nearest safe place or refuge

Or if  you need more detailed help or support please visit our website for information and contact numbers.

In case of an emergency

    contact your GP or out of hours service.
    take the person to your local hospital or A&E department
    seek crisis counselling through our Youth Crisis Counselling Service

Always call 999 if someone is seriously ill or injured, and their life is at risk.
Gardaí / Ambulance / Fire call 999 or 112