How to talking with an adult

Friends can help but sometimes what you are going through is too big to handle by yourself and you need an adult to get involved.

But who do you ask for help?

  • choose an adult you trust - maybe it is a family member or a neighbor, a favorite teacher, your priest or minister
  • you might also consider approaching your doctor or another health professional
  • or you could call a helpline

What do I say to start the conversation? Aren't they going to think I am crazy and need to be in a hospital?

  • Try asking them first if they have time to talk
  • Tell them that you want them to listen and not be quick to give advice or judge
  • Tell them that you are having a hard time, that you can't see any way out of your problems, and that you have thought about ending your life.

Most adults will try and listen to you carefully and offer you their support.  They will also have a good idea of where to get help, and if the matter is serious they can go with you to talk to the police or appropriate agency.

If you feel that the adult you have chosen is unresponsive, not taking you seriously or is being judgemental then you should thank them for listening and walk away.  Some adults have their own issues with suicide any they may not be a good choice to talk to about your concerns.  You should always try talking to another adult and not give up, your concerns and feelings are real and important and they deserve to be heard.  You can also talk to someone at one of the national helplines 24/7/365.