Suicide Prevention at your school

Starting a School Program With the help of a teacher or school staff, you can organise a prevention education campaign that designates a week or a month to raising awareness about youth suicide. We don't recommend assemblies as a way of talking about this serious subject. It is better to host informational tables at lunchtime or conduct classroom presentations. There are many creative, fun ways to spread the word – you can choose a campaign slogan (i.e., "Be a Lifesaver"), the campaign elements (i.e., key chains, pencils, t-shirts) you want to use to promote awareness, and how you want to distribute them. For example, a student group may design and wear t-shirts for prevention week. Another group may hang posters in every classroom; another may set up an information booth at every lunch hour. It's up to you! Don't forget to use social media to get your suicide prevention message to a wider audience.  You could upload awareness information to a Facebook page or tweet your latest awareness event, you might even consider making a suicide prevention video and putting it on YouTube.   Making a Suicide Prevention Video If you decide to make a video as a way of educating your peers, emphasise the warning signs and intervention steps for recognising and helping a friend who might be a risk of suicide. Do not glamorize or glorify suicidal behaviours. Studies show that doing so can increase the risk that a vulnerable individual will take their own life.   Doing a project on Suicide Prevention If you want to write a project on youth suicide you can find lots of information under FAQs or you can visit our other websites for more information particularly or where you can download free copies of Dr Keith Holmes' book, "Youth Self-Harm and Suicide", a superb prevention handbook.