What makes a good Active Listener?


√ listen more than talk
√ direct the conversation to the painful feelings
√ have compassion for sufferer
√ risk being foolish
√ attempt to be available at all times
√ remain willing to share another person's pain
√ respects confidences
√ listen
√ accept

Does not

× offer opinion or judgments
× belittle or minimize concerns
× discuss one's own problems
× give advice
× express shock or surprise
× patronize or probe
× offer platitudes and clichés
× make promises that cannot be kept
× interpret, lecture or diagnose
× Say "I know just how you feel."
× fail to pay attention or care
× empathise

If a friend mentions suicide, take it seriously. If they have expressed an immediate plan, or have access to prescription medication or other potentially deadly means, do not leave them alone. Get help immediately.